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Regretably you’re gonna have a tricky time getting this vape to work nicely for a vaporizer, I tried many different means of using it and concluded that it’s just not about to work.

The Atmos is great but it’s seriously just an electronic pipe, it combusts your substance, it’s probably not a real vaporizer.

I commonly strike the battery button for five seconds or so, then finger off and start again to heat matters up. Once you’re not having Substantially vape, do this once again.

Should your airflow is at its lowest setting, you’re proscribing the amount of air that goes to the tank, indicating you might want to get a lot more powerful inhalations.

I’m wanting to buy a vape pen that works excellent with herbs. I want on that actually “Vapes” herbs. What do u all think about the Atmos R2. And what about other vape pens? Any strategies. I also desired to kno about men and women’s thoughts regarding the “Fog Pen”. Thanks

I also didn’t choose to attempt to force this display farther down cus you could damage the chamber when you’re not likely very careful, it’s ceramic inside of there, and you may see that my edges started to chip a bit when I was attempting to get this to suit.

That’s a typical problem and I’ll be blunt and trustworthy along with you – I like and advise them equally but I take advantage of my Pax more.

The oil attachment device for your atmos Uncooked works really perfectly, you unscrew the mouthpiece on it and fill with the liquid concentrate. The rescrew on and it seems to operate pretty nicely, hits are massive and good. Go for the three pack it’s a better deal and as soon as stuffed and applied they might clog Later on or not be quick to wash.

Have you reviewed the Atmos Boss? Just bought a person yesterday and my only difficulty up to now would be the rubber flavor you obtain with the mouth piece. I’m hoping this disapates over time.

Although I wasn’t thrilled about ghetto-rigging my unit, I went ahead and modified several screens I'd laying all-around to test to discover what type of vapor I could get this factor to supply.

The Stratus that supposedly Vapes cartridges by organica labs includes vegetable oil and rarely any extract

Those actions commonly assistance me get denser vapor, and if you’re even now not content you'll be able to attempt raising the temperature setting, but I wouldn’t actually go past 7 or 8.

I even now similar to the Atmos but it’s not a very good vaporizer, so for those who’re seeking to buy a fantastic portable vape you’ll be greater off which has a Launch buy now Box or Arizer Solo.

i observed if i dont pack in an excessive amount herb in, and regulate to receive one particular big attract out of it, then blow the moke out the window. it’s almost odorless.

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